Insurance Agency Management System

Wasitech agency management system Insurance can handle everything convoluted in running your insurance agency. It can track commissions, policy data and renewals and reconcile payment transactions.

Wasitech agency management system automates everyday activities which reduce the workload and increases your efficiency. All your customer data will be easily accessed online , which gives you time to focus on growing your agency.

Renewals and cross selling is crucial to any Insurance industry The reports in our agency management software can give you that information about the upcoming renewals and more to make solid business decisions. Plus, the logs, notes and financial reconciliation features can help protect your agency from the unexpected.

Commissions tracking is fundamental to your success. We have built a comprehensive system for tracking agency and agent commissions, agency fees, carrier fees or even interest rates on payment plans. You can also keep track of agents progress, create reports on their performance, are all available at your fingertips under our amazing commissions module.

The biggest obstacle agents were having is the fact that the insured personally has to request the loss runs. We created a module where the agent can select the carrier, and then select the prospect, create the loss runs letter from a prewritten form we provide and send it via email to the prospect for approval. The prospect can simply look at the loss runs letter the agent has created and simply click on a button, within the email, indicating his approval. Our system immediately receives the approval from the prospect and send loss runs request letter as an attachment in an email to the carrier or MGA.

This is how we create all of our features. We always listen to the end user. We then sit down and create a plan for executing the subscriber's demands. We create a project and assign members of our development team who will be responsible for the execution of our plan. Loss Runs is one of the many features and functionalities specifically designed and created by and for insurance agents.

Here are the features that InsuranceWasi Agency System offers:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Commission Reporting
  • Client Notes and Follow-Up Reminders
  • Management Reporting
  • Online Cloud Storage
  • Company Downloads
  • Built-in accounting features
  • Customizable Policy Types and Fields