10 Reasons why you need mobile app development services

Mobile apps are a necessity for any business to stay relevant in today’s digital world. The mobile app industry is worth billions of dollars, and the demand for new mobile app development is growing by the day.

A survey conducted by Gallup found that almost 50% of smartphone users use their phones several times per hour every day. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and we can’t imagine going through them at all.

Most businesses are embracing technology as a means to attract more customers. So, having a mobile app has become crucial if you want your brand to be successful online.

Reasons you Need Best Mobile app development Services

If you’re looking into developing an app, here are 11 reasons why it’s time to contact a professional mobile app development service.

1- Be proactive in engaging customers

You can turn your website into a mobile app and get the best of both worlds by promoting it on Google search results and other social media platforms.

By using an expert company for this process, you’ll be able to build a compelling case around branding, marketing, and SEO strategies. This way, all the potential users are drawn towards downloading your app over others in its category.

2- Increase audience engagement with push notifications

Push notification is one of the most effective ways to engage your current user base without annoying them too much.

It’s even better if you know what kind of content or promotions they’re interested in. Because then you will only send the notifications that matter the most.

This way, you’ll build a good rapport with your customers. Eventually, they will come back to download more apps from your brand.

3- Build trust & credibility

One of the biggest challenges for any business is establishing trust among its audience. It is even harder, especially if it’s new or hasn’t established itself as an authority in the market.

A mobile app allows brands to provide instant help/information on almost anything via push notifications and email interactions.

These small moments of engagement go a long way towards building goodwill among users. It can lead to increased conversions over time once they start trusting your company.

4- Increase views of video content on the website

On average, videos on mobile devices account for more than 50% of all data traffic. So, if you’re looking to increase views and conversions from your website’s video content, then an app can be a great way to do that.

Just get the mobile app development services and promote your content using other popular apps like Facebook or YouTube.

5- Increase CTR on ads

More people are shifting towards using their smartphones as the primary device for internet browsing.

As per Statista, almost 63% of users in North America now browse web pages primarily through mobile phones. That is why having a mobile-friendly website with advertisements has become essential.

If your site is already getting a good amount of organic traffic from Google search results or social media platforms, adding an app will give you greater control over where those clicks lead to.

6- Increase sales

Mobile apps are perfect for increasing conversions. They allow you to make the most of large-screen space and easily navigate different pages without issues.

You can also integrate your ecommerce store with push notifications. In this way, customers can get instant updates on new offers, deals, or discounts.

In addition, it will help increase CTRs which again leads towards more conversions in the long run.

7- Increase visibility

Having an app for your company’s website is like having an extra real estate of marketing space.

You’ll put up additional content, or customers can easily share links to social media platforms using the customized buttons.

It will result in more exposure and an improved web presence over time.

8- Google Search Ranking Boosts

Even though Google doesn’t currently use mobile apps as ranking signals. Still, some businesses have seen huge boosts in their search rankings, simply making their websites responsive across different mobile devices.

If you’re looking to increase your brand’s online presence, you should opt for mobile app development services in the long run.

9- Increase pages views & time spent on site

A mobile app can help promote better user engagement with company websites by increasing their average page views and time spent on the website.

It helps improve SEO rankings over time since Google sees more activity within a particular niche/industry, eventually leading to higher search results placement.

10- Increase mobile app installs

One of the best ways for any business to get ahead in today’s highly competitive landscape is increasing conversions through mobile apps.

There are plenty of third-party services that can help you find additional downloads based on different targeting options. It includes age group or even device type (iPhone vs. Android).

All these new users will be able to see your shared links across social media platforms. It will allow you to improve your SEO rankings since Google sees more activity within a particular industry.


Mobile apps can be a great marketing tool for any business. They allow you to make the most of large-screen space and enable users to navigate through different pages without any distraction easily.

In addition, having an app will give you greater control over where those clicks lead to from your website’s advertisements.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, opt for the WasiTech mobile app development services today. Our mobile apps experts (Android and iOS) will provide the actual app that you are looking for.

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