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Consulting on cloud technology offers a variety of unique benefits

Our cloud engineering and cloud consulting services can help you manage public, hybrid, and public clouds. We offer clients a secure, scalable, high-performance cloud-based solution that reduces costs, improves ROI, and increases business agility, enabling them to operate with significantly greater agility and minimize costs and risks. Due to the sheer number of cloud solutions and the ambiguity surrounding whether or not they will benefit a given business, cloud solutions present particular challenges.

From us, you benefit
  • minimal migration effort
  • speedy development 
  • improved security
  • expert advisory
  • excellent storage and design 
Cloud Consulting Services
Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Development Services
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How to implement cloud consultancy services from a strategic perspective?


The technical compatibility of your system and the expected ROI are evaluated during this phase. This enables us to gain a clear understanding of our business needs and improve them efficiently with our cloud consulting company. 


An architecture design and a deployment plan that is aligned and we provide a roadmap and a strategic plan. Our team will design your custom cloud consultancy services approach and develop your blueprint for success.


This phase is composed of the execution, migration, and expansion phases. The coding process follows a lean workflow. Throughout the life cycle of our Cloud consulting services, we will embrace agile concepts for programming and testing.


Here, we review and improve existing operations and introduce operational best practices. Upon completing the initial version of the product, we will deploy the cloud consultancy services software to facilitate real-time consulting.

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Come on board with WasiTechSystems to avail the expert Cloud Consulting, and Engineering Services customized to your business requirements. For public, hybrid, and private cloud strategy consulting, request a demo today and let our experts take your business to new heights.
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How WasiTechSystems can help you!

Cloud Consulting Services

Your business needs are evaluated during a free initial consultation. Our team has experience delivering cloud readiness assessments – cloud consulting services supporting technical evaluation and migration. By emphasizing proof of concept development, the architecture and roadmap serve the needs of clients efficiently.

Cloud Migration Services

Our team of experts ensures any obstacles do not arise during the migration procedure We provide US-based cloud consultancy services for handling data migration from hardware and physical storage to the cloud. Our cloud migration services include application migrations, data migrations, and cloud migration consulting.

Cloud Development Services

Creating cloud-based applications and solutions requires the creation of web platforms. Multitenant cloud solutions, containerized apps, and cloud-native software development are offered by cloud solution providers. Integrating cloud development services will therefore increase the efficiency and growth of your company.

Cloud Security Services

You can secure your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment with cloud security consulting or engineering. Using our cloud consultancy company services, enterprises can overcome the growing pains and obstacles of cloud adoption, allowing you to visualize how cloud technology can impact your business in the future and create a plan to implement it. With regular security, compliance, and compliance, data encryption occurs.

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