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Interconnecting hardware or devices to cloud servers to store data and run applications

Whenever you develop an application, you will come up against new challenges, regardless of whether your application runs locally or in the cloud. As your trusted business advisor, we offer cloud migration consulting solutions and services tailored to meet your unique business needs. We provide a wide range of cloud consulting services, from supporting and implementing migrations to assessing readiness for cloud migrations. With the help of our expert consultants, we will assist you in reducing costs, enhancing innovation, and achieving your business goals with our cloud agnostics solutions. An assessment, strategy, and implementation plan for Cloud migration is the foundation of our services

Are Cloud Migrations Crucial for Business Expansion?

As a result of cloud migration services, businesses can gain some exposure and simplify their processes in a way that is easier and hassle-free. Cloud computing’s success is due to

  • User-friendly applications
  • Effort-saving features
  •  Accessibility
  •  Upgraded security
  •  Outputs with a high level of quality.
  • Streamlined infrastructure
  • Efficacious Monitoring
  • Optimized Key Metrics Tracking

WasiTechSystems offers a comprehensive range of cloud migration consulting and deployment services covering storage, networking, servers, databases, intelligence, software, and analytics. In a cloud migration, resources and innovation are faster and more flexible over the Internet. Tools to automate cloud migrations maximize profitability by reducing costs, facilitating scalability, and simplifying infrastructure management.

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cloud migration consulting services
Our Cloud Services Products
Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud provides agility as its primary benefit. Digital businesses must adapt and change direction quickly. An orchestration between a private cloud and a public cloud is the basis for hybrid cloud consulting services.

Public Cloud

In the public cloud, infrastructure is delivered as a service. A public cloud consulting service is a computing environment hosted on the premises of the provider. Due to their massive economies of scale, elastic scaling, and full automation, they can’t compete on either efficiency or price.

Private Cloud

Any Infrastructure- internal or external- or any data- on-premises or in the cloud migration services can be utilized to develop private clouds. Private clouds consist of computing resources that are owned and controlled by one organization.

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WasiTechSystems invites businesses worldwide to move their data and application to the cloud with the services of its expert software developers. Sign up for migration to the cloud or migration from one cloud to another supported through expert cloud migration consulting services.
How It Works!!

The consulting process for cloud computing!

Phase I: Planning

We help determine and implement the best cloud ecosystem (public, private, or hybrid) as leaders in cloud migration services in the US. A proof-of-concept cloud readiness assessment is also accessible.

Phase 2: Relocate and transform

As part of their cloud consulting services, cloud migration providers offer cloud-native development, DevOps, and legacy application modernization.

Phase 3: ROI-maximized

Cloud migration consulting allows you to maximize ROI. Investing in DevOps services improves cloud security, reduces costs, and optimizes cloud resources. Apart from cloud management and support, we also provide big data, advanced analytics, and other solutions.

Phase 4: Enhanced security measures

Cloud migration consulting calls for upgraded security. Our business cloud migration technology provides maximum safety to keep your applications and data safe from hackers. Keeping the business safe from possible harm or vulnerabilities is also achieved by automatic security systems. Practicing cloud migration helps small businesses secure data and operate smoothly.

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