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Migration of data and applications from physical storage or hardware to the cloud--from one cloud service to another.

For cloud migration to be successful, tailored cloud migration solutions help clients cost-efficiently and effectively move to and from or within hybrid, private and public (AWS, GCP, and AZURE) cloud environments. We equip companies with a complex cloud ecosystem. We offer end-to-end, different types of cloud migration consulting services ranging from a cloud readiness assessment, cloud optimization, support and maintenance, and migration planning to migration execution. Our platform is committed to providing exceptional cloud agnostics solutions to our clients.

The cloud migration and deployment covers storage, networking, servers, databases, intelligence, software and analytics. Cloud migration journey occurs over the internet with faster, flexible resources and innovations. To run the infrastructure efficiently, and scalability of growing business needs cloud migration automation tools helps you get in the game with cost-cutting profit.

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cloud migration consulting services

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WasiTechSystems invites businesses worldwide to move their data and application to the cloud with the services of its expert software developers. Sign up for migration to the cloud or migration from one cloud to another supported through expert cloud migration consulting services.
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Planning Phase

WasiTechSystems being one of the top cloud migration companies in the USA, offers planning a journey to the cloud with a cloud ecosystem (public, private, hybrid) and vendor selection. Moreover, cloud readiness assessment is provided as a proof of concept solutions. Our team of professionals handles clients' application migration planning.

Migrate and Transform

For migration and transformation of your application, cloud migration services offer legacy application modernization, custom cloud-native development, and DevOps services.

Maximum ROI

With cloud investment, maximum ROI is achieved. WasiTechSystems delivers DevSecOps services, cloud security enhancement, cloud optimization, and cost reduction. Our team is equipped to offer cloud support and management services, also, advanced analytics and big data solutions.

Upgraded Security

For reliable cloud migration consulting, upgraded security is the need of the hour. Maximum security is achieved for your business cloud migration to keep hackers away from your applications and data. Automatic security systems are also used to keep the business safe from possible harm or vulnerabilities. Cloud migration for small businesses also requires efforts from business owners to protect data and function efficiently.

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