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We Offer serverless application development and support services as one-of-a-kind and restyled solutions to meet client requirements.

Advantages of Deploying Serverless Application in a Holistic manner

Scalable capability

To maintain the system up to date, we provide excellent serverless applications support.

Access is abundant

There’s no need to be concerned about storage because we allow you to save files in bulk as rapidly as feasible.

Easy Management

WasiTech is the top serverless applications development company with a delivery model.

Minimal idle time

Updates can be installed quickly and automatically, making the procedure simple and uncomplicated.


Get a wide range of creative solutions at a cost that is both fair and customer-focused.

Intensive security

Every company’s privacy and security are prioritized in our serverless application development.

A comprehensive Serverless Application and Maintenance strategy

The importance of Serverless Applications cannot be overstated

The arrival of serverless in the current market has substantially changed how we execute corporate strategies. Virtualization can boost a technologist’s productivity while lowering operating expenditures. So, Our best application development service not only gives developers more time to work on apps, but also manages service provisioning and setup, giving them more time to create plug-ins.

Users are supported across the globe using serverless networks without performance degradation. Although serverless is a novel concept, vendors are responsible for managing all aspects of servers, so maintenance is eliminated. Morever, the scalability of serverless systems and tools allows WasiTechSystems to guarantee the continuous function of applications regardless of how many are present.

One of our many focuses is the multi-security of your system and cloud architecture, as we as a serverless applications development company provide smooth services while guaranteeing that the data is immediately available and screened according to your standards. As a consequence, we give monthly work sessions with our professionals to provide insights into the dynamics and fix serverless apps.

Infrastructure Mangement
Serverless Application

WasiTech’s Serverless Architecture is Stunning

serverless is setting the software industry on fire, attracting interest from both experts and newcomers alike. WasiTech offers in-house and customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of each client. Architecture has become part of everything from conference presentations to blog articles due to the way cloud companies have pushed it everywhere. There is more to our serverless applications development company than just buzz. It promises optimal business solutions, which sound appealing and likely to be cost-effective.

Be Unique

Be Creative

Trusted By The World’s Best Organizations

WasiTechSystems provides technical solutions that is customized to a client or business’ technology needs. As an organization, we practice the best software development practices by following methodologies like the software development lifecycle, and agile methodologies
How It Works!!

Type of serverless applications technologies


Backend as a Service (BaaS) is primarily used to design software solutions. It allows engineers to concentrate on the app's interface by depending significantly on third-party programs, servers, and Proxies for computer content management.


We have a team of skilled engineers with a lot of expertise designing and managing cloud hosting infrastructure using new technologies to keep the framework running smoothly for a seamless experience when switching apps on any device


Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) assists serverless applications in sustaining and combating any problems that may arise during system operation. This makes cloud transfers safer and faster when downloading files with large file sizes.

Custom Databases

WasiTech is all about creativity and great presentation of tech solutions, creating custom databases is one of its greatest creations as a serverless application development company because of how diverse and effective it is, making the whole interface feel personal to our clients since it is tailored to their requirements.

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