A comprehensive serverless application and maintenance strategy

Deliver serverless application and support services as unique and bespoke services to support business needs.
A comprehensive serverless application and maintenance strategy

Custom Software tailored specifically to customer and user needs, with all relevant and complex specifications

Our platform offers serverless application development solutions, allowing developers to build and deploy applications without worrying about servers. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we help you create secure, reliable, and stable serverless applications.

In the modern market, the introduction of serverless has significantly improved how we implement business strategy. Technologist’s productivity can increase, and operational costs are reduced with serverless computing. In addition to offering developers more time to work on applications, our serverless application development company handles service provisioning and configuration, leaving them more time to develop apps. Developers can also incorporate entire components from third-party services, which significantly streamlines the development process. The burdens of managing infrastructure are reduced overall, and the market is accelerated at the same time. 

The benefits of holistically implementing serverless application and support services are numerous.

  • Scalable capability
  • Extensive availability
  • Management-free
  • Minimal idle time

In Serverless, users are supported globally without affecting performance through serverless nodes. Although serverless is a new concept, it eliminates the need for servers to be maintained as the vendor manages the server entirely. Regardless of how many instances of a serverless application there are, WasiTechSystems ensures their uninterrupted operation by leveraging the scalability of serverless applications and technologies.


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WasiTechSystems provides technical solutions that is customized to a client or business’ technology needs. As an organization, we practice the best software development practices by following methodologies like the software development lifecycle, and agile methodologies
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Cloud computing

We employ a group of expert developers who have extensive experience with building and managing serverless infrastructure using emerging technologies. The scalability, performance, and provisioning of serverless infrastructure and data drive the development of serverless applications.

Governance of infrastructure

The process of data management and end-to-end digitization often involves risk with a shift to a serverless cloud infrastructure. Serverless integration infrastructure is managed by an experienced IT solutions company, which lets you organize the work and focus on your priorities. Regulatory compliance, security monitoring, technological updates, and compliance with regulatory requirements are all a part of our expertise. We offer a wide array of features with our serverless development company.

Integrated development process

In our integrated process, all highly ranked networks are optimized together to create a whole package that makes a business more visible to more and more people. This includes analysis, development, deployment, and management. Aside from offering live monitoring, the service also provides customized support for microservices and serverless computing. In general, we are a serverless development company that assists organizations in achieving their goals.

Intensive security

Multi-security of your database and the cloud infrastructure is one of our many priorities, as we offer seamless services while ensuring that the data is fully accessible and filtered according to your specifications. As a result, we provide insight into the progress and correct serverless applications through regular work meetings with our experts.

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