Point of sale services

WasiTechSystems is a leading solutions provider in Point of Sales and Sales Management. The Samba POS provides your business needs for running your small to mid-size business by providing a simple solution for tracking your day to day sales, inventory and other essential information within your industry. With its simple and user-friendly design, any type of retail or service based business will thrive.

Here are the key features of the SambaPOS:

  • Unlimited menus, categories, and products integration
  • Creating product and its product groups
  • Taking orders by option, price, and quantity
  • Grouping, splitting and merging orders
  • Settling by cash, credit card, currency and voucher
  • Transferring payments as a dept to the current accounts
  • Designing, changing, transferring and merging tables layouts
  • Summary of day, sales and collection reports
  • Inventory actions, warnings and reports
  • Confirmation of inventory limits by periodic check
  • Back up, restore and cloud synchronization
  • Creating detailed & informative receipts