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ERP System Software

Get enterprise resource planning in business accountability at your fingertips with customized solutions that let you forecast, estimate, anticipate, and reflect on an entity’s economic outcomes.

Progress-tracking data
Easy Remote access
Robust set of features

How are we going to help businesses bloom?

WasiTechSystems takes pleasure in being an ERP services provider to industries at every level, with professional experience that produces analyzed data with precision, allowing organizations to build a stronger foundation for future success.


Track Finance Records

Enterprise resource planning in business will track and report on all transactions and financial information in the system, including accounts payable, receivable, as well as payroll. With ERP, financial planning, and analysis experts, whether a separate role or part of the accounting department can turn comprehensive financial data into forecasts and reports on revenue, expenses along with cash flow.


Compile asset management

Assets are an essential metric for firms to track their success and profitability. The ERP services provider keeps track of all the important data for asset appreciation or depreciation that a company may hold, so that the entire report is ready on time, allowing for informed purchasing and selling decisions. Every small aspect is meticulously measured in order to keep a close eye.


Impactful R&D Module

This module contains resources for product creation, product management, and product compliance, among other things. WasiTechSystems is the best ERP software for small business or large, allowing them to manufacture new products fast and affordably. professionals at do primary research on your ventures or releases to see what new heights your strategy may achieve in the chosen period of time


Ace supply chain Network

Professionals who are responsible for operations rely on the ERP system to guarantee that items move smoothly from seller to buyer. To manage levels of inventory, prioritize orders, maximize on-time delivery, eliminate product line interruptions, and uncover wasteful or manual operations, they rely on reliable, complete information given by the system.


Robotic Manufacturing

The industrial module is a critical component of an ERP services provider implementation and scheduling. It assists businesses in simplifying complicated tasks and ensuring that output meets demand. Component research, capacity planning, industrial execution, quality control, and other features are often included in this subsystem.


Effective Sales Command

The sales module lets salespeople leverage statistics insights to enhance sales and segment leads with the proper incentives and upgrade chances by keeping records of conversations with a customer base. It contains order administration, negotiations, bills, global sales control, and sales team support jobs for the rank cycle.

Why is ERP so beneficial
for marketers nowadays?

Enterprise resource planning in business is the brain of your company’s digital system. In a human, the brain guides all components, telling them what to do and making sure that they all work together. Development, production, marketing, and sales are all integrated into one system. Our solutions enable organizations to gain insight, improve productivity, reduce expenses, increase profits, and boost quality efficiency in the most remarkable way possible by bringing together all of these elements in a synchronized fashion.

You’re going to love this

WasiTechSystems understands what it’s doing since it provides the best ERP software for small businesses and large it’s not about the size; it’s about the vision.

What is ERP's
competitive advantage?

Don't miss out on this opportunity.

If you wish to expand your operations, you’ll need enterprise resource planning in business, and our expert specialists can advise you on what to do next with what you already have. So, how long are you going to wait? Contact us immediately to improve your operational structures and ensure that your company is on the correct track.