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A leading website is much more than “contact us” and “About Us” pages, it’s about how gracefully you represent your services and products to the audience. the spirit of your website design and development distinguishes your brand from other market rivals. it allows you to stand out from the crowd uniquely. the days of dull, plain websites are long gone. Now it’s all about how artistically and innovatively you can present your message. WasiTech’s designers are experts at this, providing low-cost solutions tailored to our client’s demands.

Development is Site advancement that incorporates building a center construction utilizing programming dialects, while web designing is identified with the UI. The two of them work next to each other. Web engineers at WasiTech utilize their coding abilities to revive the imaginative vision of businesses.


  • Branding
  • Design system
  • Style exploration
  • User experience design
  • User interface design


  • Feature improvements
  • Information architecture
  • Q&A sessions
  • User research


  • Feature improvements
  • Responsive development
  • WordPress development

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To help implement the plan’s recommendations and carry out further strategic consulting, we provided a tailored managed IT services plan. By having a concrete document that both Dataprise and our client’s leadership can reference, both sides of the partnership are equally informed and kept up-to-date on current and upcoming steps.

To help implement the plan’s recommendations and carry out further strategic consulting, we provided a tailored managed IT services plan. By having a concrete document that both Dataprise and our client’s leadership can reference, both sides of the partnership are equally informed and kept up-to-date on current and upcoming steps.

We were able to immediately assist with the client’s emergency. Thanks to our team, a new solution was quickly scoped and implemented. Once the critical situation was resolved, work on the ITA roadmap resumed.

Provide users with appropriate view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports with our experienced professionals.

Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems to ensure availability to hundreds of IT advisors, users, and business owners.

The goal isn’t to build a website. The goal is to build your business!

Construct Your website with WasiTech

Exciting Website design and development are pivotal for giving your business a boost, as we all know that what is more pleasing to the eye sells quickly. WasiTech offers a multitude of styles, patterns, layouts, typography, and industrial design ideal for any enterprise. Our objective is to provide our clients the wisdom of visualizing anything they like and then constructing it for them using our cutting-edge technology in no time. Building an epic but cinematic website has never been smoother, but you can count on us to start from scratch with our flawless web development services. The best part about choosing us is that we give maintenance support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that our clients do not experience any deformation or disruption. Our architects provide top-notch prototyping and Graphics design services, ensuring a project with a positive user experience. Hire UI/UX designers to build meaningful interfaces that make people feel secure when using your site.

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front-end development services

Digital strategy we implement

On web design and development services

Fixed page layout

fixed page layout is one of the most basic styles of website design. By using WasiTech latest gadgets, we create a website with pre-set screen dimensions based on your spectrum of facilities in numerical form— it has a constant width independent of the browser or device type. This format’s website design and maintenance necessitate a wide range of color schemes and content.

 Liquid design layout

Instead, then using set proportions, this pattern employs flexible units. The page will always match the width of the device’s screen, irrespective of what hardware it is. We ensure that the customer experience is pertinent to your site’s traffic generation and engagement by using visuals that alter across devices for a more motion graphic.

Proactive website layout

Html queries are used to alter the size of the webpage in response to the browser’s size. Adaptive websites change their style dynamically to give the optimum user experience for visitors. WasiTech delivers seamless website design and development. Typography can be modified according to preferences in a hybrid setting, making it more noticeable and 3D.

Creative website layout

Creative web layouts are perfect for running numerous materials for users who do not have extensive HTML knowledge. Even if two users are looking at the same page at the same time, it will present them with different content based on their favorability. When a user requests a page, for example, the web code assembles the components to create the page. This layout facilitates the building of a database as well as features and web development services improve its capability and enhance access.

Amenable design layout

A handheld strategy is used to create a responsive design. You start with a compact style and then expand your website to accommodate larger browser widths. So, rather than attempting to slim down your site to make it smaller, we start small and expand. WasiTech employs a variety of toolkits to upgrade the graphics, including logos, icons, and photos, for them to be active.

Single Page layout

single-page layouts offer a “navigation menu” with connections to certain places on your website; businesses who solely specialize in a particular range of items may make the most of it by using fewer visuals but increasing link-up speed. WasiTech’s web design and development services help it tremendously.

UI UX design services
When website development and maintenance is a concern, it is crucial to work with an agency that knows how to get things done correctly. We follow the systematic process that allows working with you at your pace. Go through our web design and development process below to learn more about the processes that bring your website to function.

Strengths of website design and development

Supports SEO

Web design and development services assist SEO strategy to drive more traffic to your site and provide all of your products and services the recognition and exposure they deserve. SEO strategists create a private URL for viewing to successfully endorse your business.

Increase Sales

Create high-quality leads who are more likely to become customers and purchase your products. Our website design and maintenance service draws the attention of visitors and enriches their experience, allowing your business to thrive.

Establish Awareness

Having proper web development services is indispensable in this millennium because the majority of people use their devices every quarter of a day. Owning influential content can help you establish brand awareness in countries where you may not even operate, but due to innovation, anything is possible these days.

Create Digital Presence

If a company doesn't have a digital presence, it doesn't exist in the eyes of potential customers. Having unique website design and development services may help you solidify your brand image across all social media platforms so that people can simply purchase.
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