5 Common Server Problems and Ways to Overcome Them

Are you going to run the server without its maintenance and support? When businesses lack support, unexpected issues occur. For example, slow page loading or complete site crash is the common server problem that causes eCommerce or dynamic sites to lose leads or revenue.

Let’s be honest, how long do you wait on a website to load? Research shows, in 3 seconds people will probably move onto your competitors’ site. Slow-loading pages, cyber-attacks, and corrupted software impact businesses to lose revenue. World’s top companies such as eBay, Yahoo, and Adobe have experienced business loss due to cyber-attacks.

Therefore, to prevent server disruptions be mindful of the server problems and take necessary steps to resolve them.

Common Server Problems Causing Threat 

1-Page Loading Speed

The slow loading of web pages gives the edge to your competitors to win leads. It is impossible to blame them given that the competition on the internet forces consumers to choose the most efficient operating sites. A large file or heavy image on the site takes a while to load the site entirely. Nevertheless, clients do not wait that long; they exit and visit another site that runs faster. For instance, the slowest loading tech sites including; Cult of Mac, Scobleizer, and MocoNews despite being influential, lose their worth in terms of ranking. 

Ways to Overcome:

Typically, pages load slowly due to unoptimized images or videos on the server. To overcome this issue, optimize and compress content images or videos. Also, minifying the Javascript, CSS, and HTML would prevent any damage to your server. Consequently, DevOps services are an excellent way for you to track and manage any threats your site may be facing. 

 2- War of Cyber Attacks and Viruses

Secondly, cyber-attacks and viruses are the primary threats to your business site server. Therefore, security is the basic concern of businesses when managing the company, employees, and customers all through a single server. Additionally, eCommerce sites may face risks of attacks on the personal data and payment information of clients. You want the trust of your customers with their purchases, thus caring for these attacks is the best approach. For example, a scammer might place multiple orders with stolen cards. Also, unforeseen viruses are a grave threat to the server disrupting its entire functioning. The companies such as Google, Linkedin, and Yahoo have faced cyber-attacks with an immense loss of revenue for their businesses. (The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century)

Ways to Overcome:

Servers need to be secure from the cyber-attacks of third parties to ensure online security. Likewise, the content delivery network (CDN) is required for the server to function without outside interruption. To keep servers secure and up-to-date, a fast-tracking system on virus detection is necessary. Ultimately, your business grows when it is protected and secured.

3- Heavy Traffic Load from all around

What do all businesses yearn for? Global leads and revenue growth are vital for every business. However, heavy traffic at once causes web pages to crash. A similar problem occurs when online events receive global attendees on one platform and manage all of the engagement features simultaneously. For instance, during significant sales, the brands’ websites go down, resulting in failed payments or order cancellations. Would you like your business site to fail? Companies may lose an hour of business if the server is not designed to handle heavy traffic. For example, the Duchess Meghan Markles’ fashion wardrobe crashed eCommerce brands’ websites not once but twice. (Fashion website crashes minutes after Meghan Markle wears luxury designer’s dress)

Ways to Overcome:

Optimizing content delivery and streamlining web design will dramatically improve the performance of your server. In addition, a quick hosting service for your common server problems or website saves your business from heavy traffic challenges. The best approach for businesses is to look for the issues before they come to the surface or fix the technicalities before a big event. Hence, DevOps and Cloud services providers understand the challenges of server management and extend their services worldwide. So, what’s stopping you from signing up for one? 

 4- Drastic Software Corruption

Businesses experience software problems every once in a while. If the software fails to fulfill its intended purpose, the issues are referred to as minor, major, or critical errors. Another concern would be visible issues of the computing server or any sudden crashes. Thus, the goal is to prevent software corruption on the server. Back in February 2020, London’s Heathrow airport was hit by technical software corruption causing 100 flight delays. (Top software failures in recent history)

Ways to Overcome:

A quick trick to overcome software issues is through formal hosting services. Also, by using the services of DevOps specialists, you can handle corrupt software efficiently. That way crashes are addressed right away, preventing time wastage.

 5- Complete Site Crashes

Website crash is the biggest threat to your server. A fire, flood, cyber-attack, and virus could cause the site to crash. In extreme cases, your server might quit responding. This affects your business reputation and revenue. Why risk all your efforts by running a server without web software and server solutions? Recently, major server crashes were reported with Amazon, CNN, Reddit, and BBC news tracked by “US-based cloud computing services providers”. (World’s biggest websites back online after Fastly-linked crash)

Ways to Overcome:

Get outsourced server hosting for complete server solutions. Sign-up for monthly or yearly services and reduce the headache of server crashes with DevOps and cloud consulting solutions. Through a server management company, all the common server problems will be tracked and dealt with.

In Conclusion

All businesses need an online server presence. To keep a server running, it is essential to fulfilling its DevOps demands. WasiTechSystems is considered one of the top server specialists with a team of DevOps engineers and Cloud consultants. So, get in touch today for the most detailed and comprehensive server solutions.

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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